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 The Ukraine Development Trust is a new initiative allowing people to donate to a variety of valuable causes in Ukraine. It was formed in December 2023 and is run by a small but experienced team. Most of us live in Ukraine, know the country well and are also volunteers. With this local knowledge and hands-on experience, we can ensure that your donations are used as effectively as possible.    

Our team

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Matthew Parish

Executive Chairman & Trustee

Matthew is an international lawyer who has worked extensively in the former Soviet Union and the Western Balkans and is an expert in the genesis of civil conflicts and post-conflict reconstruction. As well as private legal practice, he has worked at the UN, the World Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and has written books and academic articles on international law, international relations, cryptology and the work of the intelligence services across the world, as well as a series of diaries about life in wartime Ukraine. Matthew currently lives in Lviv, volunteering at the Lviv Volunteer Kitchen and travelling frequently around Ukraine to meet and support the Trust’s partner NGOs. Visit LinkedIn for a detailed biography.

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Kimberley Stefancik

Director of Operations

Kimberly is from San Diego, California, and came to Ukraine to bring what she’s best at - doing good and spreading cheer. Traveling across Ukraine and visiting more than 160 villages, towns, and cities, Kimberly served pizza with a charity, and then pivoted to deliver critically important supplies to soldiers with her partner. Helping animals and feeding people are two things Kimberly is most passionate about, and she uses her strengths of networking and making friends to bring together NGOs to collaborate. A soldier friend taught her the motto, “Together, we are stronger.” Before Ukraine, Kimberly worked as an Executive Assistant and Event Planner in California. She brings forth her skill sets of logistics planning, being highly organized, hard work, and knowledge from a MBA in Strategic Marketing from working in corporate America. An avid house music fan, Kimberly is long-time Burner who has attended Burning Man several times and incorporates the 10 Principles into her work in Ukraine. She works with the premise -Leave it better than you found it.

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Johan Ljungfeldt

Military Director

After retiring from Swedish military, Johan arrived to volunteer in Ukraine in 2022. He trained over 1000 Ukrainian soldiers. Next he pivoted to personally deliver life-saving medical supplies, non-lethal combat gear, food, clothing and a myriad of other goods to the Front Line. He sees the impact this important work has on the lives and morale of troops, who often don’t receive healthy food and seasonal clothing.

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Other team members

Toni Piechota, Director of Pacific Rim Fundraising

Chris Cook, Director of Scottish Operations

Katie Nurton, IT and web design manager

Mia Parish, Director of Animal Welfare

Laurie Wiseman, Director of Fundraising

Shannon Taft, Assistant Director for Medical Supplies

Lesley Glover, Research and Intelligence Manager

Solomiia Mozyl, Real Estate Coordination Manager

About the Trust

The Ukraine Development Trust was established in December 2023 and is governed by the law of England and Wales. The Terms and Conditions establishing the Trust and our policies for the use of donor funds can be found below. 

For US donors: we have set up an associated charitable trust in the United States.The Ukraine Development Charitable Trust (address: 13507 Acorn Ave. NW, Mogadore, OH 44260-1703) has been granted section 501(c)(3) authorization under the pertinent IRC tax code / regulations and its EIN for tax-deductible donations for US taxpayers is 99-6096822. To benefit from the 501(c)(3) authorisation, please ensure that any donations are clearly indicated as for the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust by email or payment reference. 

For UK donors: we are in the process of registering the Ukraine Development Charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Any donations to the Ukraine Development Charity will be used exclusively for the charitable purposes of the Ukraine Development Charity as described in its statutes under applicable English charities law and in particular will not be used directly or indirectly for any military or political purpose.

We are open to undertaking registrations in other jurisdictions at the request of prospective donors – please contact us to discuss.

Policies and legal documents


Ukraine Development Trust

Policies and Principles Applicable to Donor Funds

Policies Applicable to Unidentified Donor Funds

Terms and Conditions establishing the Trust

Amendments to Terms and Conditions as of 28 December 2023

Amendments to Terms and Conditions as of 31 December 2023

Amendments to Terms and Conditions as of 13 January 2024

Ukraine Development Charitable Trust IUS donors)

Trust deed of the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust

Ukraine Development Charity (UK donors)

Constitution of the Ukraine Development Charity

Amendments to the Constitution as of 2 March 2024

Grant-Making Policy

Criteria for the Selection of Beneficiaries in the Relief of Poverty

Operating Structure for the Advancement of Health

Principles for the Advancement of Citizenship and Community

Policy Principles to Preserve Independence

Structures and Procedures for Management

The Terms and Conditions of the Ukraine Development Trust are applicable to both the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust and the Ukraine Development Charity, to the extent that they are not inconsistent with the legal documentation of those organisations.


These initiatives have been established and are overseen by the Foundation for Development, a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom and with experience in development projects across the globe. 

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