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Please contact us using this form or by email, except in an emergency.  We welcome contact from both donor organisations and NGOs seeking funding. In both cases, please read the information below to ensure that we can respond as quickly as possible.



+380 98 467 4579


+44 20 32 90 06 45


+44 20 30 02 73 02


Krakivska Street 26, Lviv, 79000 Ukraine

Mailing address

Nova Poshta #77, Svobody Avenue 5, Lviv, 79008 Ukraine

Contact us

Thank you - your message has been submitted

  1. If you are a donor organisation, please provide full details of your organisation (including your founding charter and other relevant legal documents), the source of the funds and the laws and jurisdiction under which you operate.

  2.  If you are an NGO, please provide information about your activities and budgetary expectations. The more information you provide, the quicker we will be able to evaluate your request for grant assistance.

  3. In either case, please summarise your experience working in Ukraine and provide the contact details of key personnel with whom we should liaise.

  4. The goals in Ukraine that we seek to promote are limited to the following: (a) provision of non-lethal assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces; (b) provision of humanitarian assistance to alleviate humanitarian suffering; (c) reconstruction; (d) public administration reform; (e) exceptional humanitarian missions. We will consider proposals by both donors and recipients of funds that do not fall in the other categories but these are the principal categories within which we seek to operate.

  5. If we think we can work with you to promote our goals, we will request further information and send you a copy of our terms and conditions that we will ask you to agree to.

  6.  We are prepared to work within and respect the parameters of any donor organisation's goals, charter, statutes or legal provisions governing them, and we ask for total transparency on the part of donor organisations as to the parameters within which they operate. We are capable of working within multiple legal and regulatory systems and we have substantial experience in Ukrainian law and access to high quality Ukrainian legal advice.

  7. We require prospective donor recipients to abide by the strictures imposed by donors who may contribute funds to any particular cause, and our own strictures.

  8. We emphasise transparency in all the work we undertake. Donor funds are, as a general rule, held on trust for specific purposes and those purposes must be rigidly respected, and proper accounting procedures used, in the expenditure of any particular set of donor funds. Each set of donor funds may be the subject of a different array of rules and regulations governing their use and we will guide NGO's and other recipients in their legal obligations in spending donated money.

  9. Finally, we ask that we receive no unsolicited advertisements for online or other products. We do not welcome unsolicited advertisements and we will disregard them or report them as abuse.

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