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Heart monitors for the front line


"We have received our heart monitors, and they are already helping to save lives." 

-Vladimir, Combat medic in Kharkiv direction 

After a soldier is injured, his or her highest mortality risk arises at the "crisis point", when immediate first-responder care is provided, such as the application of tourniquets to stem blood flow. As airspace is closed, helicopter evacuations are not possible.  Effective treatment at the crisis point is therefore all the more important.

The Ukraine Development Trust is seeking donations of used heart monitors from public and private hospitals across the world for use on the front line in Ukraine. Heart monitors enable first responders at crisis points to prioritise patients for immediate attention before being transferred to field hospitals, thereby maximising the chances of patient survival and lowering mortality rates.


If you can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email ( or using our contact form

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