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Find out more about some of the organisations that we aim to support, either with financial assistance or volunteers.  

Lviv Volunteer Kitchen

LVK was founded in 2014 at the beginning of the War and ramped up when the full-scale invasion began in 2022 and formal military logistics were not functioning. Volunteers of all ages, from both Ukraine and abroad, come together at this friendly kitchen to chop, dice, peel, and cut a myriad of donated vegetables, fruits, and grains. Meals are dehydrated and packaged for delivery, conveying warmth, love and home cooking to the front line.
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Shelter Domivka

This remarkable shelter near the centre of Lviv cares for thousands of animals, including wildlife, abandoned pets and farm animals from front line communities. They are open to visitors, including many soldiers who come to decompress and relieve their trauma and PTSD.The shelter needs our support and relies heavily on animal-loving volunteers.
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Kyiv Kitchen Ants

A major military kitchen preparing food for the Armed Forces. They operate on an enormous scale to supply meals of varying kinds to Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. They began operations in early 2022, working from a civilian restaurant kitchen. Initially focusing on the crisis of providing ready-made meals to refugees and internally displaced persons, once those urgent needs abated, they shifted to providing dry rations for soldiers. These soldiers can now enjoy a nutritious daily diet with just a mug and hot water. Every month, the organization produces and distributes 10,000 servings of first and second courses, along with breakfast cereals and 10,000 servings of galettes.
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Stepanivka Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation

This Center in Kherson is home to around 50 children who are orphans, have disabilities or have lost their families in the War. In a city under ongoing bombardment, the Center offers as safe a home as possible, with education, healthy food and activities. We have a personal relationship with the headmaster and have so far provided both medicine and clothing for the children.
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Swamp Brotherhood

These volunteers produce camouflage products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the National Guard, Territorial Defense, Special Forces, Foreign Legion, amongst many others. They make high quality ponchos of mesh and tied threads which are flame retardant, with colors based on the season and environment in which they will be used. They also make hooded jackets and pants, Cobras (cape with a hood), ghillies (masks which protecting the back and head of Snipers), helmet covers and camo nets.
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Soloma Cats

This charitable foundation headquartered in Kyiv trains civilians and soldiers in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)/ Stop the Bleed, clears mines and provides tactical medicine and Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) to soldiers. Since the start of the full-scale invasion, its has distributed more than $1.3 million USD in aid and equipment to soldiers and civilians. Other notable projects include camouflage netting, cleanup after terrorist attacks on Kyiv, and encouraging people to join the volunteer community. We have a friendly relationship with the founder of Soloma Cats, Andrii Yerofeev, and firmly believe in supporting their efforts. EODKOCKEN has supported them with almost $100K USD of medical supplies and we make regular visits to them in Kyiv.
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Kamianets Podilskyi

The Ukrainian National Archive is seeking funds and donations in kind to help them digitise thousands of documents from the era of the Ukrainian People's Republic (1917-1921), an important period in Ukraine's struggle for independence. In wartime conditions, there is a danger that important cultural and historical records could be permanently lost if they are not digitised.
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@eodkocken - Johan Ljungfeldt

Johan delivers critical non-lethal supplies to the front line, including medicines, uniforms and meals for soliders and humanitarian aid for civilians. He works independently as part of a select team from Sweden called QuarterMaster for Ukraine. It came as no surprise to those who know him when he retired from his professional life in Sweden in 2022 to volunteer in Ukraine. He started as an Instructor to the Armed Forces, training more than 1100 troops before switching to delivery. Johan needs money for diesel as he covers thousands of kilometers each month in his personal vehicle, including driving from Ukraine to Sweden to restock. He has volunteered without an income for 1.5 years.
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International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine

This branch of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is open to foreign citizens, who are typically provided with a contract permitting them to remain with the Legion for a period of three years. The pay and conditions are formally the same as for Ukrainian soldiers, and salaries depend upon the positions the soldiers are deployed to and in particular whether they are engaged in combat deployment, the most dangerous and arduous of the various categories of deployments. The Ukraine Development Trust seeks to support the activities of members of the Legion through training, mentoring, advice upon procedures for joining and departing the Legion, and providing Legion members with legal, medical and pastoral advice. The languages of the Legion are English and to a lesser extent Spanish, and the majority of the members of the Legion are deployed after initial training either in the Sloviansk or Kherson regions, areas of the country with which Trust staff and volunteers are extremely familiar.
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The above is  list of NGOs and/or individuals operating in Ukraine in respect of which it has been established that satisfactory standards of efficiency in use of funds and treatment of volunteers apply. This list will be updated regularly according to available information. If any organisation or individual wishes to be included on this list, they should write to us at Likewise if any individual objects to their presence upon this list, they should email explaining in full particularity with legal and factual grounds the basis for their complaint, which we aim to be evaluated and adjudicated with reasons in writing within 14 working days of receipt.

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