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It is imperative to review the current economic and development models of donor aid. Donors rightly demand ever-increasing value for money, and the market is properly competitive.

We provide project management and management consulting services to the development industry and its government partners. We are retained by clients, whether they be governments, international organisations, donors or aid recipients, to advise upon the efficient management of development programmes, restructuring where that is necessary, assessment of funding priorities, evaluating value for money and assessing economic growth using robust econometric methods.


The traditional tripartite division of development economics into land, resources and peopl should not be used to constrain us. Opportunities and challenges alike arise in the most varied of environments. If you wish to work with us as a partner and technical participant, rest assured that the potential is unlimited, and our styles of cooperative working are to everybody's liking. We're all really on the same side.

Conventional models of development science may work in conjunction with modern development economics to achieve the best economic, political and social results for the societies to which development funds are disbursed. At the same time the goals, principles and interests of donor countries and the international organisations through which donors may choose to direct multilateral aid will be respected and pursued. That is the spirit with which we work. 

Our work is exhaustively analytical in nature. We believe that achieving results in a difficult area of economic science requires rigorous study of measurable outcomes, and engaging in comparisons of different goals often required as incommensurables. We focus upon issues of inequality using established statistical methods.


We address pollution and environmental damage consequences of development policities by reference to the model that economists call "externalities", and on the principle that the costs of externalities must be internalised to the development programmes being undertaken. In this way we achieve sustainable development by balancing different goals empirically, not by having different branches of development science fight one with the other. 



The Foundation for Development


We welcome contact from both donors and from the NGO community and we ask that contact first be made by email save in circumstances of urgency. We welcome both donors seeking to make donations to well-meaning causes, and NGO's seeking funding. At the current time our exclusive focus is upon good causes in Ukraine, and we would like to set out the following principles for everyone who contacts us to observe.

1. If you are a donor, please provide full details of your organisation and the source of your funds. Please let us know the laws and jurisdiction under which you operate, and send us a copy of your founding charter and any other legal documentation that sets out the terms on which you can donate funds.

2. If you are an NGO, please provide us with information about your activities and your budget or your budgetary expectations. The more information you provide, the quicker we will be able to evaluate your request for grant assistance.

3. In either case, please summarise your experience to date working in Ukraine, and provide the contact details of key personnel with whom we should liaise.

4. If we think we can work with you to assist the goals within Ukraine that we seek to promote, then we will ask you for further information and send you a copy of our terms and conditions that we will ask you to agree to.

5. The goals in Ukraine that we seek to promote are limited to the following: (a) provision of non-lethal assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces; (b) provision of humanitarian assistance to alleviate humanitarian suffering; (c) reconstruction; (d) public administration reform; (e) exceptional humanitarian missions. We will consider proposals by both donors and recipients of funds that do not fall in the other categories but these are the principal categories within which we seek to operate.

6. We are prepared to work within and respect the parameters of any donor organisation's goals, charter, statutes or legal provisions governing them, and we ask for total transparency on the part of donor organisations as to the parameters within which they operate. We are capable of working within multiple legal and regulatory systems and we have substantial experience in Ukrainian law and access to high quality Ukrainian legal advice. 

7. We also require prospective donor recipients to abide by the strictures imposed by donors who may contribute funds to any particular cause, and our own strictures.

8. We emphasise transparency in all the work we undertake. Donor funds are, as a general rule, held on trust for specific purposes and those purposes must be rigidly respected, and proper accounting procedures used, in the expenditure of any particular set of donor funds. Each set of donor funds may be the subject of a different array of rules and regulations governing their use and we will guide NGO's and other recipients in their legal obligations in spending donated money.

Finally, we ask that we receive no unsolicited advertisements for online or other products. We do not welcome unsolicited advertisements and we will disregard them or report them as abuse.









Matthew Parish

Executive Chairman

Tel: +44 (or 0) 44 20 70 97 13 15

Fax: +44 (or 0) 44 20 30 02 73 02

WhatsApp: +380 98 467 4579

For Matthew's biography click here


Ukraine Development Trust

Krakivska Street 26, Lviv, 79000 Ukraine


Mailing address: Nova Poshta #77, Svobody Avenue 5, Lviv, 79008 Ukraine

Ukraine Development Charitable Trust

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

EIN: 99-6096822

13507 Acorn Circle NW

Mogadore, OH 44260-1703

United States of America

We are also in the process of registering with the Charity Commission a charitable incorporated organisation under the laws of England & Wales called the Ukraine Development Charity, whose objects are the prevention and relief of poverty of people in Ukraine; the advancement of health and saving of lives in Ukraine; and the advancement of citizenship and community development in Ukraine. The constitution of the Ukraine Development Charity, which follows the Charities Commission's standard form, appears here. To the extent that preferences expressed in donations are consistent with the objects of the charitable incorporated organisation, funds donated from UK sources may, at the discretion of the trustee(s) of the Ukraine Development Trust, be applied to the funds of the Ukraine Development Charity once the registration procedure is completed so that donations may benefit from tax relief.

Ukraine Development Charity

Charity Commission Application Reference Number 5232794

Krakivska Street 26, Lviv, 79000 Ukraine 

We are open to undertaking relevant registrations in other jurisdictions where prospective donors so request and we invite you to contact us by email if you want us to explore these possibilities.


Please note that whereas The Paladins Organisation is a commercial consultancy that undertakes only ethical mandates in the fields of law, intelligence and security, the Foundation for Development is not a commercial organisation and instead works with donor funds and the not-for-profit sector. Therefore the legal and regulatory environment for the work of each is quite different and we ask those approaching us to respect that difference in deciding which organisation to contact.

The Ukraine Development Trust is a new initiative allowing people wishing to donate to a variety of valuable causes in wartime Ukraine to pay into a common pool of funds, stating the area they want to donate to. The Trustee(s) will then allocate donor funds in accordance with their preferences wherever this is possible. The Terms and Conditions establishing the Trust are here. The original Terms and Condition have subsequently been amended on 28 December 2023; the Amendments to the Terms and Conditions are here. The Terms and Conditions were amended again on 31 December 2023; the second set of amendments are here. The Terms and Conditions were amended again on 13 January 2024; the third set of amendments are here. We prefer donors to contact us either using the Donation Form on this webpage or at and we will respond as soon as we can.

The Ukraine Development Trust also has an associated charitable trust organization based in the United States, whose name is the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust, and whose address is: Ukraine Development Charitable Trust, 13507 Acorn Ave. NW, Mogadore, OH 44260-1703, and the trust deed in respect of which is here. The Ukraine Development Charitable Trust has been granted section 501(c)(3) authorization under the pertinent IRC tax code / regulations and its EIN for tax-deductible donations for US taxpayers is 99-6096822. The aforementioned Terms and Conditions of the Ukraine Development Trust are likewise applicable to the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust to the extent not inconsistent with the trust deed in respect of the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust. Where a donation is intended for the benefit of the Ukraine Development Charitable Trust so as to benefit from putative section 501(c)(3) authorization it should so be indicated in email communication and/or appropriate payment reference.

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Ukrainian trident 2.png

Make an enquiry about donating

Help us make a difference

Donate to the Ukraine Development Trust

Thank you for your support!

Donations can be made using debit or credit cards using the "Donate Online Now" button above and are handled by the FinTech company STRIPE. Funds will be received typically within seven days of payment being executed, with a commission deducted. All donations using this means will be acknowledged if an email address has been provided by the donor.




We can also now accept donations by PayPal; your donation will be denominated in US Dollars. Please send the payment via PayPal to and reference "Ukraine Development Trust". PayPal does not take a commission on payments to organisations or people in Ukraine so this is an efficient method of donating.

You can also donate using the "Buy me a Coffee" website.

The following segregated account is also available to make direct payments to support the work of the Trust. All payments into this account are subject to the Trust's terms and conditions a link to which appears on this webpage. The details are:

M Parish, Trustee, Ukraine Development Trust, Halifax plc, 24 Oxford Street, Harrogate HG1 1PU, England

IBAN          GB91HLFX11035713887866

SWIFT        HLFXGB21K15

For transfer from UK accounts:

Account no.     13887866

Sort Code        11-03-57

Please reference "Ukraine Development Trust". Please also send us an email at which identifies you as the donor and explains the desired purpose for which funds are being donated. If you fail to do this, then we may have to return funds so sent. All donations must be made consistently with the letter and spirit of the law.

We prefer direct bank transfer payments as they avoid transaction fees on the part of the recipient.

All donations will be acknowledged by email from where an email address is provided.

Thank you for your support.

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Buy me a coffee_edited.jpg

NGO's and/or individuals operating in Ukraine in respect of which it has been established that satisfactory standards of efficiency in use of funds and treatment of volunteers apply:

Lviv Volunteers Kitchen

Stepanivka Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation


Soloma Cats

Medicines for Ukraine (Kherson and Mykolaïv)

Domivka Animal Shelter


International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine

Kyiv Kitchen Ants

World Central Kitchen, Kyiv

Pasta Cafe, Lviv


Building Ukraine Together (BUR)

Make it Possible Ukraine




Swamp Brotherhood

Kitty Pechersk

Insulate Ukraine

All Hands and Hearts


The Sunflower Project

Odessa Cat Crew

This list will continue to be updated according to available information. If any organisation or individual wishes to be included on this list, they should write to us at Likewise if any individual objects to their presence upon this list, they should write to explaining in full particularity with legal and factual grounds the basis for their complaint, which we aim to be evaluated and adjudicated with reasons in writing within 14 working days of receipt.

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