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A productive future for Ukraine

The current and future success of Ukraine depends heavily on small NGOs and volunteer organisations. Our mission is to connect those organisations with the international funding and volunteers they desperately need. 

How you can help


By donating to us, you can contribute to a huge range of organisations, from kitchens making meals for soldiers and refugees to children’s homes, building projects, animal sanctuaries and many others


 The organisations we support  desperately need volunteers. We can put you in contact, share our personal experiences and offer friendly, honest  advice about what to expect


Help spread the word about the Ukraine Development Tust to your friends, families, colleagues and anyone you think would like to make a practical difference to life in Ukraine


Our team is on the ground in Ukraine, volunteering and personally vetting all the NGOs that we support. We also have the local knowledge and expertise in reconstruction and development to direct funds to where they will have most impact.

Why donate through us?

"I find the work of the Ukraine Development Trust most admirable"

David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville

Latest news

Our goals


Provide non-lethal and other relevant assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to keep them alive and well-fed with adequate medical treatment and supplies


Provide humanitarian assistance to civilians who are suffering either due to their proximity to the front line or as Internally Displaced Persons


Provide advice, assistance and financial support to the wide range of effective NGOs operating in Ukraine, in a variety of humanitarian and other sectors


Help reconstruct Ukrainian buildings and infrastructure destroyed by Russian military aggression


Help prepare the Ukrainian people and Ukraine’s public institutions for EU and NATO membership


Win the war, keeping Ukraine independent and free

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