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 September 2019

Somali Republic

The people and resources of the Foundation for Development are familiar with Somalia through a range of project contexts. Somalia represents an instance of country long-ravaged by a complex war, with a frail political infrastructure in which a territory has federalised gradually by reason of the breakdown in the country's institutions of central government. The majority of the land is uninhabitable by reason of climate. The poverty of the country's institutions creates a propensity for armed conflict over the country's natural resources. Yet there is plenty of land and natural resources for Somalia's colourful and kind people to share cooperatively, so it should be possible to create the mechanisms for an armed conflict to be replaced with a government structure that promotes peaceful free market distribution of the country's resources and land. Somalia is perceived as a priority, not just by reason of the regional instability the country's ongoing anarchy perpetuates, but also because a range of powers from across the globe have begun to make inroads into the country already, spotting its potential and geopolitical importance across the Red Sea from Yemen.

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